• Do you remember being young and carefree, traveling the world with your nose buried in a Lonely Planet--heading out in the morning with little more than a rain jacket, a novel and a Power Bar?

  • ​​Do you miss the spontaneity of your youthful travels?

  • Do you believe that travel is a source of joy and increased understanding of the world?

  • ​​​Are you a parent now who wants to recapture that spirit of adventure and exploration and share it with your children, but it seems impractical or impossible? Then please, read on!

We LOVE to travel! It may be surprising but, we love planning other people's trips as much as we do my own. If you would like some help with your family's next vacation, LET'S TALK

 If you were a well-traveled individual, we'll help you transition to a well-traveled family! If you're new to travel but long for a family adventure away from the distractions of everyday life, we can craft the perfect family travel experience. With children in the mix, thoughtful planning that considers the needs of every family member means the difference between an awesome vacation and just taking your stress on the road.  We have the knowledge, experience, resources and passion to plan the family vacation of your dreams.​​ 

We will have a COMPLIMENTARY session where we will discuss your travel dreams, hopes and needs. There is no commitment from you, just a chance for us to talk about your ideas and how we can help. We think you will quickly see how great it is to have a professional who take the stress and time out of the process for you! If you decide you'd like to use our services, we will send you our travel planning agreement and collect a non-refundable trip planning fee. Then, we'll get to work planning your amazing vacation!