About Nancy

I have had the travel bug and a sense of adventure since I was young. I first traveled to Africa in college. I spent summers in Kenya and Ghana and later joined the Peace Corps to live and travel in Niger, Benin, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire. On my own and with friends, I've visited six of the seven continents.  I’m drawn to nature and love to hike, camp, and swim in lakes. I can also wander around cities for days, seeking refuge in museums and coffee shops, or on a park bench with a sketchbook. Throughout my life, travel has broadened my perspective and fed my soul.

I always imagined having children who would jump on the next train with me, fly around the world, take that small boat to an island, trek through the jungle, and fall asleep happily at midnight after dinner in Barcelona. And then, I had actual children.  I soon realized I was going to have to adjust the way I travel!

My kids are a mess if they aren’t asleep by 8:00 p.m.  I won’t let them in a boat that doesn’t carry life jackets. Reading in the hotel bathroom while they sleep, is not that much fun.  And malaria scares me. So, I’ve made changes to the way I travel and it's only made my travels better. 

I will never forget searching for sloths in the mangroves and watching my kids jump off a catamaran into the Caribbean Sea to snorkel for the first time on our trip to Panama.  We all marveled at cassowaries, rare and majestic Australian birds, on our trip through North Queensland.  We sat together in the evenings under a purple-orange sky and painted the sun setting over the ocean at our remote eco-lodge in Costa Rica. My daughter made an very special friend in a grandmother who was a fellow guest on our kayaking trip in British Columbia. These are the supernova memories in our family’s galaxy.

I am extremely organized and, unlike some people, I love spending hours planning travel—a talent my friends and family have discovered and utilized over the years. But what motivates me most is my firm belief that traveling with our children is a precious gift we give to them—it helps to make them true global citizens, opens their eyes, stimulates their minds, and strengthens our family bonds.

So...I've turned my passion into my profession and help families take the trips they have been dreaming about. I take the time and worry out of the planning process for you!

18 years. That's about the time we have to take these trip with our kids. So, whatever the style or destination, you can go and I can help!